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Last Updated On: October 30, 2001  
Next Update: December 3, 2001
The next Mock Draft is finally here. The order is based on the current records with a few tweaks thrown in based on how I think things will play out. The teams are in relatively the same order as their records though.  

This mock draft includes underclassmen who seem likely to declare for the draft. Attatched to the mock draft are profiles of the 32 players in the 1st Round. The Mock Draft covers the first two rounds of the draft.  


LEFT:Florida's 3rd year Sophomore sensation Jabar Gaffney (AP Photo)

Last Updated On: November 06, 2001  
Next Update: November 19, 2001
Here are the updated rankings, all rankings are up to date. A lot of things have changed. The West Coast is hot. David Carr and DeShaun Foster are moving up. Other risers include Michigan's Marquise Walker, Texas' Mike Williams and Wendell Bryant. Droppers? Oregon State has had a rough season, so has Ken Simonton, same goes for UNLV star Jason Thomas.  

Quarterbacks    (11/01) 
Running Backs  (11/06)  
Wide Receivers (11/06)  
Tight Ends         (11/07) 
Offensive Tackles  
Defensive Tackles  (10/23) 
Defensive Ends/Outside Linebackers  (10/23)  
Cornerbacks  (11/07)

Last Updated On: October 30, 2001  
Next Update: December 22, 2001
This one's for die-hard draftniks. I know you guys can't get enough information and ahead of time too. So here is an early look at the 2003 NFL Draft. Along with a top 32 list is a very early Mock Draft. The draft order is purely speculation. This includes just Juniors, no sophomores that may declare early. Juniors will be taken off this page as they declare for this year's draft.  


LEFT: 2000 Belitnikoff Award winner Antonio Bryant (AP Photo)

Last Updated On: November 07, 2001  
Next Update: November 19, 2001
For the even more die hard draftheads are these early looks at drafts for 2004 through 2007. Thats college sophomores, freshmen and prep seniors and juniors. These lists will change (obviously) over time.  

2004: College Sophomores  
2005: College Freshmen  
2006: High School Seniors  
2007: High School Juniors  

Right: Tennessee's Freshman sensation Kelly Washington (AP Photo)

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Looking for something you couldn't find here (as if there was something you couldn't find here)? Well, here is a list of the best NFL Draft sites out there. They range from the big sites with a section on the draft (ESPN, FOX Sports, The Sporting News, etc.) and the draft specific sites (NFL Draft Blitz, Ourlads, Boomer's NFL Draft etc.).   


Left: Roy Williams gives Chris Sims a shot in the Red River showdown. (AP Photo) 

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